The way I see it: July 2006
استقلال القضاء حق كل المصريين

Sunday, July 30, 2006

It's not exactly a problem of Dirty Laundry

I haven't commented at all on the current situation in the Middle East; the Israeli "invasion" of Gaza or Southern Lebanon. It's because I feel that I don't have anything new or original to add to the discussion. That and the fact that I try not to use my blog as a medium where I criticize other bloggers' views.

I did find a debate, or discussion if you will, which I feel strongly enough towards that the urge to write something would not dissipate however much I willed it to. I am, of course, talking about the criticism of Hezbollah, by Arabs, in the past three weeks or so.

First of all, let me (for the umpteenth time) clearly say that I am staunchly anti-islamist when it comes to politics. Basically the day will not come that I would support an Islamic government over a secular one... no matter what.

Having said I wish to make it clear that I am 100% behind Hezbollah in the current endeavour. This stems from many reasons, of which I will list the most important to me:


Wednesday, July 05, 2006

How Personal is Personal?

Recently had a little chat about blogging with a better-known Blogger who resides in Egypt. I initiated the conversation by asking: how do you know what to post on your blog?

We discussed this for a bit and I complained that I did not want this blog to be a personal blog. He asked me why I didn’t and I responded by saying that there were too many people who might read this blog and read things I just didn’t want them to read.


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